Social Media and Your Website

Here at wwwDotweb we strongly believe in using all the tools that are given to you. These tools especially include Social Networking. Social Networking sites include Facebook, Gowalla, Foursquare, LinkedIn and many more. These sites are great tools for getting your name out there and keeping your clients hanging around. The best way to take advantage of these sites is to get your audience engaged in what your conversations.

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GeoSocial Networking and Your Website

The latest tool there is to take advantage of is GeoSocial Networking. GeoSocial sites are a great way to publicize your event or your place of Business. With GeoSocial you can see who has checked into your store or your event. Businesses are starting to take advantage of this tool by offering discounts to people who check in at their location. This tool is great in tracking your customers and seeing how often they are returning to your business and who is new. Also with GeoSocial Networking your customers are able to leave feedback for others about their experience.

Blogging and Your Website

Another great tool is Blogging. With a blog you can talk about your expertise and give advice on your knowledge of what you are working with. Blogs are another great tool to draw traffic to your site through Google. Blogs are also a great way to get your clients/customers to interact with your conversations and you can also figure out what they like and don't like which will lead to a better business.

Social Media - wwwDotweb

Social and GeoSocial Networking Wrap Up

As you can see Social Networking and GeoSocial Netowrking are great tools that everyone should take advantage of. Here are wwwDotweb we really push these tools to our clients. These are great tools that can greatly improve traffic to your site.

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