Wednesday, 29 May 2013 11:14

Why is your site not responsive yet?

We run across sites every day that are not responsive or mobile friendly. This is really becoming annoying since almost everyone surfs the net on their mobile device these days. It isn't all that difficult to scale a website and make it mobile friendly.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Sites

Today when we design a site we immediately start off with a responsive framework and build on top of that. The web today does make you think a little differently about design and how will it work on a smaller screen. One thing we do is get rid of non important side bars on the mobile version.

What is not important to you but maybe to the viewer

One of the most difficult challenges is deciding what really needs to be on the website and what doesn't. Also what is important but doesn't need to be in the mobile version. There is one rule and that is to  never hide anything important. The only thing we will hide is side bars or footer items that just take away from the mobile version. Some examples of these are side menus. Everything is under the main menu and on the mobile version we don't really need to see the sidebar menus. These help navigation on the desktop version but you can live without them in the mobile version. However, don't ever hide anything that is important to the viewer. We can't overly stress this enough.

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