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Responsive web design

Have you heard of a Responsive Design? You run across Responsive Design everyday. Responsive Design is used to adjust a website to fit the browser and the screen size. For example, when you view a website on a smartphone, the website changes its layout to fit your phone. When you view it on a desktop computer, the website will adjust to fit the bigger screen.

Responsive Design vs Mobile Website

These days it is very important to have a mobile ready website. There are 2 ways of doing that these days. You can either have a website designed just for mobile or create a brand new responsive website. We prefer to create responsive websites. With a responsive website you get everything on your regular website and nothing is left out. A responsive website just rearranges things on the page to make everything fit.

Our site is Responsive

We redesigned our own website and used the responsive design. If you would like to see how a responsive design website works then look no further. You can see how a responsive site works just by re-sizing your window. As you re-size the window you will see the site change all the way down to the mobile version. As you can see a responsive site re-sizes to fit every screen size from the largest to the smallest.

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