Saturday, 29 September 2012 18:28

Don't fall for cheap hosting...

There seems to be a lot of really great looking deals out there on the internet for hosting. These deals aren't always as good as they look and with the internet you get what you pay for.

The Bad news for cheap hosting!

Cheap hosting usually consists of hundreds, if not thousands, of websites on a single server. These websites share all the same hardware, disk space, ram, network bandwidth and operating system. If just one of those websites all of a sudden receives a huge traffic surge it can bring down the entire server. Cheap hosting also lacks in security since everyone is on the same system and not separated. Also cheap hosting usually lacks in customer support, if there is an error and you need help it could take hours or even days before they can fix it.

The advantages of our hosting services

Our servers are constantly monitored and also are setup with fail over redundancy. We use several servers to host all our websites on and these servers are redundant of each other. All the web traffic is funneled through a load balancer which does what it says. The load balancer switches traffic between the servers so that one server doesn't become overloaded. Also if one server goes down then the traffic is routed to the working servers. Also our servers are constantly monitored and upgraded as soon as we see that they can no longer handle the load.

We take great pride in our hosting services and constantly make upgrades to keep everything running smoothly. We can even pull up system monitoring on our phone and check the network status at any given time. We also try to stay on the cutting edge of the newest technology which helps all the websites run smoothly as possible and upgrades easier.

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