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Do you know your websites backup schedule and location?

The most important thing about having your website hosted is backups. Do you know the hosting companies backup schedules? Do you know if they provide this as an extra service or is it included? Do they backup the database seperatly and if so how often?

Backup scheduling

Hosting companies have all sorts of schedules as to when they back up. The majority of companies that offer backup will make their backups every night. The other question is will they do a restore for you if you need one done. There are a lot of companies that do perform backups but will not do a restore for you unless the entire server goes down. We do backups every night and we also backup our database separately. We can also restore a website back to a previous date if desired as long as the client chooses us for hosting.

On site or off site backups

One of the important questions that arises about backups is where are the backups being stored? We prefer to have offsite backups since this offers the best protection possible. If your backups are stored in the same data center and there is some sort of catastrophic event that hits the data center then everything could be lost. Not only do we have offsite backups but we also have several other offsite servers that complete copies of each other.

Are backups an add-on

A lot of companies do charge extra for backups since you are having to pay for disk space. We do not charge extra for backups because we believe it is a not an add on but a main feature. We do not want to spend months working on a website for a client just to lose it all do to a corrupt file. We believe in a great quality of service and try to provide the best that we can for all our clients.

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