Saturday, 29 September 2012 14:36

System Upgrades - Load Balancer

This month we added a Load Balancer to our servers which is great news for our clients. The load balancer will make sure our servers don't become worked by distributing the load between the servers we use for hosting all our customers websites. The main reason we added the load balancer was to make sure that our customers websites have the greatest protection possible against failure. The load balancer constantly checks each server to make sure it is still up and if there is ever an issue it will notify us and redirect all traffic to the other server.

What is a Load Balancer?

A load balancer is either a computer or a piece of equipment that is between the public network and the servers. All the incoming traffic is passed through the load balancer which then passes it to the server with the least amount of load.

Different Load Balancing Algorithms

There are several different algorithms for load balancing that you can choose from. The algorithms are round robin, weighted round robin, random, least connections and weighted least connections. Our system is using the weighted least connections algorithm since this algorithm allows us to send the majority of the traffic to our dedicated server.

Greatest Protection Possible

The greatest feature of a load balancer, besides balancing the load is redundancy. The load balancer constantly checks to make sure that the servers are online and if it receives an error the load balancer will redirect all the traffic to the working server. This will allow our customers the greatest protection possible.

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