Saturday, 21 April 2012 22:46

Our Latest Venture in the Cloud...

We are really into the cloud because it is a huge performance boost that is very easy to take advantage of. We have yet again expanded our cloud and have added more products as well.

Our Cloud V.2

Cloud V.2 is here and in full effect to keep our websites and services as fast as possible. Our cloud today consists of email servers, HTML servers, MySQL servers and file servers backed with a CDN (Content Delivery Network). The latest additions to our cloud is the MySQL server as well as the email servers. We setup a very robust MySQL server that we now run and maintain ourselves. This has lowered our overhead and sped up our websites.

The other addition to our cloud is the offloading of our email to dedicated email servers. This offload will allow our servers to run even faster and get rid of all the riffraff that our servers deal with. We have also noticed an incredible difference in the amount of spam load that has been lifted from our servers.

The Future for the Cloud

We are always striving to speed up our servers and expand our services. In the future we plan on adding load balancers and more servers to keep up as our client list grows. We enjoy providing the very best experience we possibly can to all our clients.

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