Friday, 20 April 2012 17:47

Email, Microsoft Exchange and Email Archiving

Here at wwwDotweb we are very pleased to add great business class email as one of our products. The new email boasts a 100% uptime guarantee. This is fully possible by making 2 identical servers of your email that are located in data centers just a few thousand miles apart. You will never know if something goes wrong because you will instantly access the other server.

Business Class Email

With our new email you have 2 different choices, the first choice is wwwDotweb's business class email which comes with 25 gb of email space which is accessible through webmail and of course POP and IMAP as well. Our other email we now offer is Microsoft Exchange with a 25 gb account. We believe that there is an option for you that will best fit your needs.

Email Archiving

Not only have we added great email but we have also added email archiving as well. There are certain industries out there that require email archiving. With our email archiving system you now have an unlimited storage system that creates 9 copies of each and every email to ensure that a copy will be there when you need it.

Email should be number 1 when choosing a hosting company...

We believe that email should be the number one thing when choosing a hosting company and because email is the number one thing that you will use the most.  If you would like more information be sure to contact us today.

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