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Drag and Drop Web Design + Hosting

Here at wwwDotweb we are very excited to introduce our latest product that we offer. This new product is our Drag and Drop Web Design program which is aimed at those who are on a budget. This program is available directly through our web site and has several different plans to choose from. The Drag and Drop Web Design program is a great way to get a web site up and running for your business or organization. The first thing that you will do is decide on a plan. Once you have chosen your plan it will take you to the next page where you can transfer over your domain name or purchase one.

After you have your domain name in place then you will finish out the payment and can get started on designing your new web site. The program will start out by asking you the name and some other info about your company or organization. The next step will offer you some choices on what kind of business you are creating a web site for. Once you choose the type of business it will then auto fill out a web site for you and choose colors as well as graphics.

Now once the site is ready you can start editing the text just by clicking on it and also dragging in extra modules that you would like placed around your web site. You have a lot of freedom to change anything you want at this point and once you are all done you just hit the publish button and your new web site is up and running.

That is how simply our Drag and Drop Web Design system is. We truly believe this new system is a great way to get a web site up and running on a budget with a professional look and feel. Once you are ready for a fully custom built web site or just out grow what the Drag and Drop system then we are here for you. Here is the link to our latest product for you to look over, We do plan on posting videos very soon showing you how to get started and everything that the Drag and Drop Web Design system has to offer you.

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