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The Naked Truth About SEO

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO, is something that is hard for most people to grasp. SEO is something that is very easy to overcome with just a little work.

SEO and Writing for Humans

Probably the most important part of SEO is in the way you produce your content. Google is very picky about content and when its robots search your content it will look for if the content is written for humans or for robots. Google's robots are very smart and hard to trick these days. In the old days all you had to do was give a great list of keywords that didn't have to be comprehend-able to your audience. These days Google actually looks at how well your pages are written and how the content supports your keywords.

Essay Format and SEO

One of the ways that Google likes for you to write is in essay format. Essay Format is usually a 5 paragraph page with the first paragraph as the introduction. Then 3 supporting paragraphs and finally a conclusion summing up all the other paragraphs. Google also really likes the use of Headers for your paragraphs as well. The headers should have your keywords that you are going to reinforce with the paragraph.

SEO Keywords...not Nude Pictures

Okay so we just had to throw that in there. We read an article about how his web site gets more than 400 hits a month and those hits are all because he said Nude Pictures in his content. The web site doesn't have any nude pictures on it and he also joked that most SEO companies probably throw the word nude or naked pictures into your keywords just to get you more hits on the website. This is not true at all. The main thing to do is focus on your keywords and also to see what keywords your competition is using. Then use those keywords everywhere. Don't just use the keywords in the content and in the headings but also in your links. Another trick is to name your graphics or images with those keywords as well. This will really help you to improve the impact of your keywords and the way Google sees you use them.

SEO Conclusion

There is a lot of different ways to use your keywords and the way they can positively impact your SEO or even negatively impact it. The best thing to remember about SEO is to write for your audience and do not over use your keywords. Just remember to write in essay format, which means to make sure  you have an introduction, 3 supporting paragraphs and a conclusion.



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