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CMS also known as Content Management Systems

CMS also known as Content Management Systems are one of the best inventions for the web. A CMS is used in just about every web site today. One of the most well known CMS's is Wordpress. After Wordpress then you have Joomla, Drupal and several others. The CMS was started as a blogging platform so people could easily update their blog and add to them.

A CMS today is very useful and can be used on every website no matter how small or large. Since the CMS was made to make it easier to post, it is very easy for anyone to get in and change the content on their website without having to know any code. We love to use Joomla for all of our web sites. We have been using Joomla for years so we can easily get everything set up very quickly.

Another great feature with a CMS is the unlimited resources out there on the internet. With Joomla, as of right now, there is nearly 9,000 plugins and extensions to help you modify it to fit your needs. For example, the plugins we use on our site is a Twitter Plugin/Module that displays our twitter feed on the right. We also use a Drop Down Menu plugin at the top as well as a Photo Gallery plugin that allows the scrolling images at the top of the page as well. The last 2 plugins we use are a Contact plugin on the home page as well as the Social Share plugin used here in our blog so you can share any article we write on your favorite social media platform you like.

As you can see CMS's are very flexible and have a lot of functionality. The CMS is the core of any and every website out there today and allow for easy modification and customization to everyone.

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