Saturday, 12 November 2011 16:32

Adobe Flash and the Web...

Adobe has announced that they will no longer produce updates for mobile devices after Flash Player version 11.1. The company will shift toward different products since the iPhone will not support Flash anytime in the foreseeable future. Here at wwwDotweb, we don't use Flash in our designs because it isn't available for all mobile devices. We are a very firm believer in jQuery and HTML5.

We don't just believe in using Flash in our mobile designs but we believe Flash is pretty much dead. We believe that what ever you want to do with flash that it can be done in a more efficient way than using flash. These days there are so many options to choose from and ways to design. The latest and greatest is HTML5 which is being released now in most browsers. When using HTML5 the page loads faster which is the biggest advantage. Site speed can move your ranking up in Google, which every one will love. Another great reason for not using Flash is that you don't have to design several different versions of your website to be viewed on all the different devices. As you can imagine this will also save you money when it comes to building your website.

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