Tuesday, 08 November 2011 20:17

The Reason Behind the Colors We Choose

We put a lot of thought into the colors we pick and use in our web design. The first thing we ask our self is how do we want the viewer to feel when they are looking at the site. How do we want them to feel? Happy, sad, hungry, angry, in a hurry, wanting to click for more information and so on. All of these feelings come from color used in the design.

In a lot of our designs we love to use blue because blue is a calming color and works great for most websites. Blue is also calming in just about every country, which is something else to think about when designing with color. For instance red in the USA makes us think of blood or makes us very agitated and ready to do something. While the same color red in China symbolizes marriage while white is for mourning of a lost one.

If you look at our website you will see that it is a light orange/yellow color. We decided to go with this color because it means we are trendier. The color on our site also makes you feel a little more urgent about contacting us about your project. As you can see, we put a lot of thought into the color in designing a website. We don't just pick the color because we like it. We choose it based on how we want you to feel when you are interacting with the site.

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