Monday, 07 November 2011 21:29

Side Project -

Currently here at wwwDotweb we have a few side projects that we are working on. One of our side projects is This project is one that we are very excited about and is online. The site still has a ways to go but the goal of the site is to be like the ebay/craigslist of outdoor gear.

As of right now the project is fully online but we are still making some tweaks to the site and constantly improving the User Experience of the site. Next we will work on SEO, Search Engine Optimization. SEO is getting it placed well in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Right now there is no fee to sell your own products on the site. There is a lot of stuff imported from Amazon on the site so if you do find something on there that you would like to purchase then it will send you to Amazon and we will receive a fee for the referral.

You are more than welcome to follow the progress of the site and we would love for you to become a great customer on the site and even a seller. Also help us spread the word about the site and get others to join.

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